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Caught someplace between too-big-for-a-spray and too-small-for-a-rotor? OUR rotor more than meets the situation halfway and compromises on nothing when it comes to quality and performance. Already capable of working in tandem with larger rotors to combine big and small areas in a single zone, this popular product now includes “radius adjustment” for fine-tuning the spray to keep water off driveways, walks and other non-landscaped surfaces. Plus, we’ve also included a rack of five entirely redesigned nozzles – now easily identified by flow rates – that can be installed and changed faster and easier than ever. . But in reality, here’s a rotor so special it’s unlike anything else.

Radius adjustment
Allows fine tuning of spray, ensures positive nozzle retention

40°– 360° adjustable arc
Easily adjustable from top of sprinkler, up, down, wet or dry

Water-lubricated gear drive
Time proven, reliable rotation, year after year

Heavy-duty riser seal
Stops wasteful excess flow

Variable stator
Keeps rotation speed consistent regardless of nozzle size or pressure

Extra large filter screen
Traps more debris without clogging

The World’s Best Selling Rotor for Residential and Light Commercial Applications

It’s the product that’s been at the top of the best-seller list for more than a decade. No one will ever be able to imitate its patented features years of experience in gear-driven technology. Setting the standard for contractors and designers, it’s become the #1 selling rotor in the world. T With features like a large dirty water screen and the superior ability to deliver even water distribution from continuously improved, precision engineered nozzles, this is a residential and light commercial sprinkler that is simply unmatched for reliability, durability or versatility. It’s also unmatched in value – no sprinkler in its class comes close when the subject is cost-efficiency. . It’s no wonder this is the professional’s choice the world over.

Integral rubber cover

Keeps dirt out, won’t fall off

Complete set of interchangeable nozzles
12 standard or 7 low-angle nozzles for virtually any task

40°– 360° adjustable arc or full-circle versions
For fastest, hassle-free adjustment, wet or dry

Proven, long-life, water-lubricated gear drive
First introduced over 20 years ago and still continuously improved

Variable stator
Keeps rotation speed consistent regardless of nozzle size or pressure

Large dirty water screen
Puts an end to nozzle clogging

A marriage of superior coverage and the industry standard for visual appearance

we have always made a commitment to talk to our customers. Our engineers gather feedback on what contractors like and what they don’t. Plus, ample amounts of data from our test department show us areas where we can improve. All of that information has led to the creation of new Blue Nozzles, featuring the kind of spray patterns and coverage that so many were asking for.

Take a look and you’ll see a better visual appearance that provides more even distribution, at both the closein and mid-range areas…a superior scheduling coefficient that eliminates the problem of under- and overwatered areas of the landscape…as well as an intuitive numbering system for easy identification with each individual nozzle clearly marked with its flow rate. The new Blue Nozzles are just the latest example of ongoing commitment to remaining the leader in the irrigation industry.

Flat face of nozzles allows for quicker insertion
Nozzles compatible with your current rotors
Able to retrofit into any rotors as far back as 1982
Simplified nozzle identification system
Easy-to-read number equals the flow rate (nozzles feature metric flow rate on back of rack)
Exceptional close-in, mid-range coverage
Even distribution ensures no dry areas or brown spots
More visually appealing watering pattern
Appearance receives higher customer satisfaction rating

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